The Eight Temples

Eight Kuladevatas were identified based on the Gotras of the GSB community in Kerala, for being housed in the designated temple complex. Accordingly a beautiful temple complex of eight structures was constructed, and doors were opened for worship in the midst of Vedic recitals, devotional songs and in reverberation of holy chanting of divine names during the auspicious Muhurtam in 28 February 1994.

The Kuladevatas in Goa and Konkan area lay scattered but here they could all be accommodated in one complex, which is situated in the eleven acres of the land lying adjacent to Sri Kashi Math Complex of Ambalamedu. Sri Kashi Math Complex, consisting of Balakashram & Vridhashram, is also situated in the adjacent plot. The other side is occupied by the Sri Sudhindra College of Nursing, which is attached to Sri Sudhindra Medical Mission Hospital. By virtue of its elevantion, the site is highly qualified for Temple-construction. The temples that came up in the Complex have the following deities :

  1. Sri MahaGanapathi
  2. Sri Lakshmi Narayana-Mahamaya-Aryadurga-Navadurga- Shantadurga-Katyayani-Narasimha
  3. Sri Damodar
  4. Sri Ramanath Shanteri Kamakshi
  5. Sri Mahalasa Narayani
  6. Sri Mahalakshmi
  7. Sri Nagesh-Baneshwar
  8. Sri Devaki Krishna-Rawalnath

Though the temple style is not ostentatious it is a fusion of different schools of architecture: a blend of North Indian and South Indian shades of temple craft found in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, the Gothic style brought in by the colonialists and the facade of Jain and Buddhist Viharas.

The difficult topography had been tamed through split-level planning. Coconut palms aplenty swinging their heads in unison to wafts of western and eastern winds. With well manicured greenery amidst sylvan surroundings, the shrines blend into the picturesque setting.